The Faberge set is simply stunning. A delicate gold omega chain adds just enough oomph to the stunning large freshwater cultured baroque pendant enrobed in copper wiring for a nest effect. These specific pearls are unique for their extraordinary size! While most pearls do not grow above 20mm, these pendants start at 35mm and up. Comes with matching large freshwater cultured baroque earrings enrobed in copper wiring.


Comes in gold wiring with your choice of white or iridescent silver pearls.



Length: Approx. 20” varies

Earrings: Approx. 2” varies

Materials: Hand-Selected Genuine Chinese Freshwater Cultured Baroque Pearls, Hand-knotted silk. Closure: Magnet. 

*Due to the nature of baroque pearls, shape and size will vary. Inclusions, imperfections and pits are inherent in baroque pearls.

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